Hixon Allotments Association

Rules On Site

Site security
The last person leaving the site must ensure that the gates are both closed and locked.

Watering cans only hose pipes must not be used as they restrict water use for other plot holders.

Permission is required to install a shed/tool store or greenhouse, and these must not exceed 6' x 4'. Please submit applications to the secretary for approval by Hixon Parish Council.

Fencing between plots
Any fencing should be of an open construction and a maximum height of 2 feet. Barbed wire is not allowed.

Please park all vehicles in the parking area near the site entrance. You may park by your plot to drop off or collect tools etc., but please keep the access path clear.

Children are welcomed on site, but they must be supervised at all times.

Dogs are allowed on site, but owners must follow the agreed code of conduct.

The use of non-organic pesticides and herbicides is not permitted, although organically certified controls are allowed. Systemic weed killer (i.e. Glyphosate) is permitted for use on paths, but applications elsewhere should only be with prior permission from the committee.

Fires must be contained in an incinerator with a lid and supervised while alight. Portable barbecues are permitted, as is the use of burners, but consideration must be given to other plot holders and the neighbouring community.

Plot maintenance
Plots must be kept in a good state of cultivation with weeds under control. If you are unable to work your plot please cover it to keep weeds under control and to prevent them spreading.

Any trees must be grown on a dwarfing root stock and must not reach more than 2m in height. Consideration must be given to neighbouring plots with regard to shading and root invasion.