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Covid 19 Emergency Measures
March 29th, 2020
UPDATED 29/03/20

Dear Plot holders,
Following the instructions around movement and gatherings from the Prime Minister on 23 March 2020, it is vitally important that you follow all the advice about social distancing and hygiene in the points below and not gather together on site.

Any plot-holder who is self-isolating because a household member is ill with corona-virus should not be visiting the site.

Wellington Fields Allotments have displayed an advice notice on the notice board. It is important that anyone attending the allotment takes care to stay the appropriate distance from others, avoid body contact and not wash hands at taps, do not wash hands or use detergents in the water tanks and please pay attention to notice board.

It is essential that no un-authorised people are allowed onto the plots for the duration of this emergency, if you do wish to bring someone to assist with work on the plot, please ensure that that this is notified to Secretary. Careful consideration should be given to introducing anyone over 70 and those with underlying illness or pregnant women.

We are living through a crisis, the likes of which none of us has experienced before, not since war time has the community spirit that exists on allotment sites been more important. Please remember to look out for one another during these very difficult times.

Covid 19 Emergency Measures- Essential to read and follow

Updated information members should take the following precautionary measures

Important Link to the full guidance or scan the code


·         Keep hand sanitiser in your shed and wash your hands regularly.

·         Use hand sanitiser before opening and closing any gate locks.

·         Observe “Social Distancing” with each other 2-3 metres and no more than two people.

·         DO NOT gather together for a chat even if you are 2 metres apart for guidance.


·         If you take your children to the plot, ensure that they stay within its confines and do not run around on communal paths and spaces.

·         Do not share tools.

·         Minimise the contact with each other for example no handshakes.

·         Do not wash your hands in water troughs.

·         Inform the secretary if anyone in your household has been infected.

·         For guidance, if you do need to clean an area that has been visited by an infected person. See below.



Scan for







Minutes of the Committee meeting held on Tuesday 17th December 2019 in the Bank House

Present: Simon Ellin, Jane Garner, Alan Hartley, Karen Appleton, Mark Connell, Barry Williams, Chris Hilton.

12.19.1 Apologies:
Nick Brookes, Suzanne O'Farrell

12.19.2 Minutes of previous meetings and matters arising.
The minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 17th September 2019 were approved by the committee and signed by the chairman.
A decision about NSALG will be made at the AGM, with both options put to the plot holders.
The donated slabs were brought to the site and all have been used.

12.19.3 Financial report. (13th November)
The account balance is £2660.59.
Barry has been paid for the water trough and fixings (£94.95). Simon has been paid for the strimmer repairs and fuel and Pete has been reimbursed for the engineer's charge for the site visit.
There are 2 new tenants who have paid pro rata rents.
We have had a £50.00 donation to the Memorial fund, which now stands at £119.25.

12.19.4 Waiting list/vacant plots.
There are no vacant plots and no-one on the waiting list.

12.19.5 Compost storage area.
Simon, Pete Appleton and Brendan McKeown had a site meeting with the structural engineer discuss the proposed design of the storage area. The engineer seemed happy with the plans but we have not yet had anything in writing. Simon will ring him for written confirmation.
Before the work begins, Pete will produce a risk assessment.
The PC still want to put boarding on the end of the plots on the left-hand side of the access path. The committee feel that this is unnecessary and not the best use of the ring-fenced money. Once the compost storage area is agreed it would be good for a delegation from the committee to meet representatives from the PC to discuss the issue. SE , PA.

12.19.6 Composting guidelines.
Once the storage area has been completed we will revamp the guidelines to ensure that all plot holders are aware of the processes and procedures.

12.19.7 Uncultivated/untidy plots.
Plot holders with uncultivated plots have been written to. One tenant has spent a great deal of time clearing and tidying his plot. We have heard nothing from the other plot holder and so they will not be invoiced for the next season.

12.19.8 Unsigned Tenancy Agreement.
Jane will deliver another copy of the TA to the plot holder concerned and will ask that they sign and return it by 1st January. JG

12.19.9 Quiz.
This will be held on Sunday 26th January, at 7.30pm in the Bank House.

12.19.10 Newsletter.
The committee agreed a list of items for the next newsletter. AH

12.19.11 Wildlife area.
Once the storage area has been completed, this will be the next project.

12.19.12 A.O.B.
Water trough – Simon thanked Barry for all his work on acquiring and installing the water trough. John Martin has another trough which will be installed in the spring and once they are in use, a decision will be made as to whether to replace all the taps with troughs.

Next meeting: January 22nd at 7.30pm in the Bank House (to discuss the quiz)

Minutes of the Committee meeting held on Monday, 20th January 2020 in the Bank House

Present: Simon Ellin, Jane Garner, Karen Appleton, Barry Williams, Chris Hilton, Nick Brookes (+ Pete Appleton to discuss compost storage area)

1.20.1 Apologies:
Suzanne O'Farrell, Alan Hartley, Mark Connell

1.20.2 Quiz (Sunday 26th January – 7.30pm)
Simon will prepare the questions and will donate £20 for the first prize. There will be second and third prizes of £10 and £5.
We have a selection of raffle prizes including a magnum of rosé wine (with many thanks to Chris Lewis).
Simon will sit in the corner of the restaurant, in the hope that the sound system will be better.
The Bank House will be serving pizzas.
The quiz has been publicised by W.F.A. on the village FaceBook pages and also by the Bank House.
Jane will email a reminder to plot holders. SE, CH, JG

1.20.3 Vacant plots.
There are now two vacant plots with no-one on the waiting list. Chris will mention this on FaceBook and Jane will ask Catherine to put it on the Parish Council website. CH, JG.

1.20.4 Access path.
The committee is aware that some plot holders are storing items at the end of their plots but on the edge of the main access path. At present this is not causing any problems but we will keep an eye on it and will make sure that the access is not reduced.

1.20.5 Compost Storage.
Pete has been in touch with the structural engineer who has put his conclusions concerning the plans in writing. He feels that there is no risk and if a problem with the construction were to arise it would occur very slowly and could be easily addressed. He suggested that a land drain be inserted at the edge of the structure to avoid pressure on the retaining wall. Pete felt that this would be easy to do.
The engineer's letter has been passed to the PC for their records and it is hoped that we will be given the go ahead at the next PC meeting.
Pete explained how the area would be constructed and that a method statement and risk assessments are being drawn up. The site will be closed while the work is carried out.
Simon thanked Pete for all his work on the project.

1.20.6 A.O.B.
We will need to make a decision about membership of N.S.A.L.G. before the subscriptions are due and therefore before the A.G.M. Details of options will therefore be given to plot holders in the next few months and opinions gauged.

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