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Minutes of the Committee meeting held on
Tuesday 10th October 2022
at the Bank House

Present: Simon Ellin, Jane Garner, Karen Appleton, Alan Hartley, Nick Brookes, Chris Hilton,

10.22.1 Apologies: Suzanne O'Farrell

10.22.2 Previous minutes (10th July) and matters arising.
The minutes from 10th July were agreed and signed by the chairman.
We need to add the issue of the disintegrating compost bin walls to the next agenda.

10.22.3 Financial report.
Account balance (3rd Oct 22): 3,445.97 (which includes 399.25 for the Memorial Fund) Total funds 3,046.72
Expenses: Accountant 30.00, NSALG 114.00, HPC rent 1,524.99,
Water 131.04, Hall Hire 11.00- Total 1,811.03
We have been unsuccessful with our grant funding bid for our improvement project.
The Chair thanked Karen for her report.

10.22.4 Tree Sale.
The Chair thanked Alan Hartley for growing the plants and trees and all the people involved in organising it. Thanks also to Pete Appleton for moving the trees and plants down to the Memorial Hall. The sale made 228.83. We felt that the Memorial Hall is the best place to run these sales from and we will be organising further sales in the spring.
Action- To put this on the agenda after Christmas.

10.22.5 Vacant Plots.
We were aware that at least one plot is to be vacated and that others may be coming available and therefore we may need to contact people waiting for plots. Possibly advertising in the village forums may be needed in the spring to ensure that there are no vacant plots. JG

10.22.6 Neglected/untidy plots.
A plot inspection took place on the 10th October by Simon and Chris. It was found that three plots need letters. Two plot holders will be spoken to re work on their plot.
CH to talk to JG re the plots concerned to establish the types of letters.
It was suggested that we have a system of three letters.
1. Advice
2. required to comply re working and tidying the plot
3. Termination if they fail to comply
Simon will strim the site over the weekend or the week beginning 10th October. CH/JG

10.22.7 Quiz.
It was agreed that we should ask the Bank House is free on Sunday 13th November for a quiz evening. It will be necessary to organise a meeting before this date to sort out the details. Link To Advert.
Action CH to check availability and then inform the committee CH

10.22.8 RAF Hixon Memorial Stone and Garden.
We discussed the proposal from Joe Craen that some of the Rail disaster money is used for the Memorial Plaque to the people who died whist serving at the base. It was felt that we needed to keep the funds for the further upkeep of the two memorial gardens. We were also about to purchase a range of new plants for the gardens that are more tolerant to the dry conditions
Action: Karen to put together some words explaining this to Joe. Karen will forward this to Simon.
Plants for the Memorial Garden- Karen and Alan will look into some appropriate plants. AH. KA.

10.22.10 Improvement Project- Toilet and shed.
Pete presented a detailed plan and costings for the overall project. The cost is 2,900 (Approx). Pete Outlined the plan and grounds work. It was agreed that we had enough budget to begin the project.
Pete will check on the availability of the mini digger and costs.
CH to double check the costs of the shed and toilet/ delivery dates. CH to ask Jane to email plot holders to create a working party at weekends. Committee members said Sunday/Saturdays were possibilities.
Thank you to Pete Appleton for his thorough work on the plan and costs.

10.22.11 AOB.
Hixon Community Association Scarecrow Competition
It was agreed that we would sponsor this.

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