Hixon Allotments Association

Wellington Field Allotments – EGM – Thursday 9th June 2011

Orson Blewitt opened the EGM at 20.10hrs.

Orson welcomed everyone to the meeting, introduced David Jones as the new secretary following Peter Godbeer standing down, and gave the reasons for calling the meeting:

  1. Signing Tenancy Agreement.

  2. Finances.

  3. Rules / Constitution.

  4. Questions.

  5. Any Other Business.

1) Final version of tenancy agreements (that were provided as people entered the meeting) were to be signed and guidelines on how to complete later were to be provided.

2) Karen Appleton (Treasurer) thanked people for their payments and gave an update on the Finances

  • Money received from rent £1744.

  • Money received from advertising £100.

  • Expenses £10.25.

  • Still to pay to HPC £1200 for the year in relation to land rent.

  • Still to pay Water charges at the end of the year.

3) Orson briefed out various rules and advice: 

  • Site security – The last person leaving the site to please ensure that the road gate for vehicles is closed and locked – There have been several instances where this has been left open.

  • Hosepipes – At the present moment hosepipe use is not permitted, but this may be revisited at a future date. Susan McKeown (HPC) was going to speak to John Martin (Land Owner) with regards to access to some free water, and also chase the groundwork contractor on drip trays that should have been provided to go under the taps. A suggestion was made regarding a sump to collect rainwater – this would require further consideration.

  • Sheds / Greenhouses / Tool Stores / Polytunnels – Brendan McKeown (HPC) gave an update on these. Planning permission was not required as this could be done under permitted development by HPC. The maximum total volume for the site was 200 cubic metres. A Shed / Greenhouse measuring 6’ x 4’ x 6’6” equated to 4 cubic metres, meaning a total of 50 units of this size could be erected. This is the maximum size of shed / greenhouse that will be permitted and only one shed OR greenhouse would be permitted per Tenancy agreement. All applications to erect a shed / greenhouse or tool store must be submitted to the secretary. Once approved on behalf of Wellington fields allotment committee, this would be subject to approval by HPC, who will issue an approval notification and installations will be subject to subsequent inspection. Poly tunnels are not permitted, unless of the low ‘cloche’ types.

  • Fencing between plots – Use of barbed wire is not permitted. Requests were made regarding installing fences between plots – rules will be set on maximum height for these and 2 or 3 agreed specifications will be adopted. Any suggestions regarding type / style are to be forwarded to the secretary for future discussion.

  • Parking – Vehicles are the be parked at the area at the bottom of the site – Vehicles may be taken to plots for dropping off / picking up, but must be moved immediately after that to the designated car park area.

  • Vehicle Access – As part of the lease agreement between the Landowner and HPC access by vehicles is limited to between the hours of 8AM to 8PM – This document will be placed on the Wellington Fields Allotment Website when a copy is obtained from HPC.

  • Vehicles – A suggested mirror at the entrance to improve visibility was going to be investigated, this would need approval from Highways. Wellington fields allotment committee would write to HPC regarding the stone at the access ramp leading onto the site being loosened and drifting into the road. Anyone walking past with a spade / shovel could move a bit from the highway and back onto the ramp.

  • Dogs – Currently dogs are not permitted on the site.

  • Children – Children are welcomed on the allotment site, but the allotment can be a dangerous place. Any children on site will be deemed to be under the responsibility of a parent / guardian, even if they are there without the parent / guardian being present.

  • Contact details – Could any amendments to original contact details be made to the secretary in writing so they may be updated.

  • Pesticides – Use of pesticides is not permitted. Organic controls are allowed.

  • Livestock / Bees – With all the initial work involved in getting the site operational a decision on permission to allow livestock on the site is still to be reached and will be considered during the course of the year.

  • BBQ’s – portable barbeques will be permitted as will the use of burners, when using these, consideration must be given for other tenants on the site. As a consideration to others loud music / swearing must not be used.

4) The following questions were raised:

  • NSALG membership – this will be applied for on your behalf as part of the annual rent. This can be done once the bank account is operational. (Cheap seeds can be obtained from King’s via NSALG)
  • Fruit Trees – a question was asked regarding fruit trees. These would be allowed, but to a max height of 2m and would need removing if you were to vacate your plot.

5) A.O.B.

  • Building at bottom of site: Brendan & Susan McKeown offered to draw a plan of this building, and wanted suggestions of what the building could be used for. One suggestion was for communal composting, but it was felt that this may be a possibility elsewhere, leaving the building for an alternative use. Any suggestions to be made via the secretary. Once a decision was reached Brendan would kindly seek funding to complete the project.
  • Guidance was given on the completion of the tenancy agreements, and Tenants completed their agreements.

Orson thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting.