Hixon Allotments Association

Salsa Verde

Not many of you are likely to have grown Tomatillos, or even heard of them, but I like to try unusual things and they seem to grow well enough. It is unlikely that they will ever ripen in this country, (outside) but picked green, they can be used to make the Mexican sauce, Salsa Verde.  It can be served as a hot sauce to go over, and spice up, left over chicken that has been picked off the carcass from a  roast, (even better with slices of Black Pudding and melted cheese on top!) or can be served cold, to replace Mayonaise in a potato salad. Instead of Tomatillos you can use ordinary Carrots for an unusual tasting, tangy, orange coloured sauce! (Good for those intolerant of Dairy products!)

1 large White Onion
1 large spoonful White Vinegar
2 large spoonfuls Lime juice
2 large spoonfuls Lemon juice
5 or 6 large (green/unripe) Tomatillos


  1. Blitz whole Tomatillos in Lemon/Lime juice and vinegar and then lightly boil. (Do NOT boil long enough to lose green colour!)

  2. Blitz, raw, peeled, onion while adding cooked Tomatillos. (You may want to add water to dilute, and depending on size of fruit, you may want less juice/vinegar for taste)

  3. Sauce can then be gently be re-heated to serve hot, or will keep in fridge for a few days, and can be served cold.