Hixon Allotments Association

Nut Roast
Serves 2-3.

2/3 Pack Of 6 Stuffing Mix.
1 Large Onion.
Small Portions of Parsnip/Turnip/Carrot etc.
1 Lge Spoonful of Sweet Corn
1 Sweet Pepper.
100 gm Nuts (Walnuts Etc)
10 gm Pumpkin Seeds/Pine Nuts
1 Lge Spoonful Cranberry Sauce.


  1. Pre-boil Onion after finely chopping.

  2. Pre-boil Small diced portions of Parsnip/Turnip/Carrot.

  3. Pre-boil the Sweet Corn, but only if fresh.

  4. Dice the Sweet Pepper.

  5. Finely chop nuts.

  6. Mix up 2/3 of a 6 portion packet of Stuffing with boiling water. Keep the mix on the dry side as it will absorb moisture from the added vegetables later.

  7. Mix in chopped veg with Stuffing and Nuts (Mix should be about 1/2 Stuffing and 1/2 veg.) Smooth mixture in baking dish and add several small tea spoonfuls of Cranberry Sauce dotted over surface.

  8. Sprinkle liberally with Pumpkin Seeds, or Pine Nuts. before roasting/baking for hour, or so.