Hixon Allotments Association

Cold Beetroot Soup

2 Large Beetroot plus leaves.
1 Large Cucumber.
1 Large Onion.
12 Ordinary Radishes
1 Large plain Yoghurt.
2 Sliced Hard Boiled Eggs for garnish.
Herbs to flavour.

1. Cook and skin the Beetroots.
2. Chop the Onion, Cucumber and Radishes.
3. Chop the Beetroot leaves.
4. Put a little water in a Saucepan and soften the Beetroot Leaves and Onion with herbs. Then leave to cool.
5. When cold add Beetroot, Cucumber and Radishes to Onion and Leaves then liquidise.
6. Stir in Yoghurt and a little Water until a suitable thick consistency.
7. Serve cold and add Hard Boiled Egg as garnish.