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Brief Summary of Committee Meeting 27/3/13.

  1. The Committee are still in discussions over work needing to be done on the driveway entrance to the allotments and general maintenance issues.
  2. The Committee talked again in general terms of the possibility of getting some sort of building/ shed ourselves through fundraising as the issue doesn't seem to progressing elsewhere. The question of whether a wooden, or temporary building would need planning permission has not been clarified either.
  3. A suggestion was made and agreed in general terms to have some sort of “Work days,” occasionally in the summer for odd repairs and tidying up around the site.
  4. From research it seems that the N.S.A.L.G. website is one of the cheapest for crop protection netting products with 10yr guarantees and a good variation in sizes and grades of mesh. Karen will Email everyone with more information and the request for orders that will have to be in by the end of April.
  5. Collin was asked of his thoughts on Chickens again, but as yet he hasn’t decided, although he has made a few enquiries about the sources of young chicks!
  6. It was suggested and proposed that we move the Annual rent renewal month to February instead of May. This will be introduced with a 9 month pro rata charge for the next season to take effect at the approaching renewal. It is logically a better time for new people to take over plots, so that they have time to clear them for the Spring planting etc.
  7. With the recent changes due to some plot holders giving up plots, there are now 4 people on the waiting list with only two of them actually wanting immediate tenancy.
  8. The N.S.A.L.G. are having their A.G.M. in the Midlands to which we have an invite for 2 representatives, although no one on the committee wants to go.
  9. Gardeners World are asking allotments if they want to be featured in short 10 minutes T.V. sessions to show anything of special interest about their sites, whether it is about plants grown, about the site itself, or even plot holders.
  10. Another fun item concerned the possibility of doing a Calendar as a fundraiser. It was suggested that it would be relatively easy to produce, but would need the help of someone who is into photography.
  11. Karen said that there will be a full copy of the accounts available for all plot holders at the A.G.M. The date was fixed for the A.G.M. as being the 28th of May at 8pm in the village hall as before and will be held after a brief committee meeting beforehand at 7pm.

The next committee meeting will be on April 24th At the Bankhouse as usual. If anyone wants to put forwards any issues to be brought up by the committee members, they should pass them on beforehand.

Brief Summary Of Committee Meeting 16th January 2013.

  1. With regard to unkempt plots - firmer action is going to be taken, as there is a waiting list of 9 people some of whom who could be using the abandoned or unkempt plots. Put simply the new warning letter said that if no action is taken by plot-holders their rental agreement will not be renewed in the Spring.
  2. The water meter has been read and a comment was made that we hadn’t used much, but then of course the water has been turned off until the Spring gets a little nearer!
  3. Colin has made enquiries as regards the keeping of livestock and has discovered that according to national policy; - plot-holders have the right to keep rabbits, chickens and other livestock, but out of courtesy should inform authorities (Stafford Council,) on health grounds and give them the phone number and other contact details of the keeper in case of problems.
  4. One of the committee members reported a serious break in to her shed. A large, fist sized hole was gnawed through her wooden floor by the intruder before it ate her bag of fertilizer! The rat then gnawed another hole in her door before escaping. Perhaps it will serve as a warning to others over keeping certain things in their sheds.
  5. A heavy-duty brush cutter is now available to borrow for use down the side of paths and under hedges etc. It can be obtained from the Chairman, Orson Blewitt, but it may only used on the allotment site and must be signed for.
  6. The treasurer Karen Appleton, intends to bulk buy some Enviromesh in two widths, narrow (1m) and wide, (3m) in the Spring. The fine mesh is intended for crop protection and has a long life guaranteed. Karen will email all plot-holders in due course for orders. 
  7. The Parish Council is expected to make a rental review, upping the rent by the inflation rate, however, the Committee do not intend to put up the rental to plot-holders.

The next meeting will be on the 27th March at the Bankhouse.

Brief Summary Of Committee Meeting 17th October 2012.

  1. Orson has produced a set of rules or guidelines for using the allotments. These have been posted in the notice board and will be loaded up on the website as well.

  2. Everybody should be reminded that the water will be turned off in December until the end of February depending upon the weather. It was suggested that a notice should be put in the box for the tap as well because someone turned it back on last year when it shouldn’t have been.

  3. Nobody went to the H.P.C. meeting yesterday to witness any progress on issues of maintenance problems with the paths etc. There have been several falls so a new Email will be sent to them to remind them of their responsibility and liablility should anybody decide to seek compensation for injuries received etc.

  4. Several plots have been re-let with a little more interest shown in the site with 10 people now on the list, but, not unfortunately a family living on a canal boat moored at Hoo Mill as it is out of the parish.

  5. There is a growing problem with neglected plots so it was decided to send stronger letters, although the committee realise that if plot-holders have family/health problems etc, they will understandably have little motivation to do anything to their plots and they will be a low priority for them. However, neglected plots do affect others on the site, so action will have to be taken. Neglected plot, holders will be advised on 31st March after an inspection and then they will lose their plots on 17th May as the committee will simply not renew the rental agreements. Property from the plots will be salvageable, but plots will be cleared.

  6. Because of constant weed problems on parts of the site it was decided to buy a heavy duty Strimmer from a local, specialist dealer, that will also ensure an easy and guaranteed follow up with servicing etc. Also, ready made fuel for it will be bought as it too risky to make our own, because an incorrect mix could immediately destroy the engine. Face mask, gloves and hygienic ear plugs etc will be obtained as well as a signing out book that will warn of any attached risk. A brief instructional lesson will be given whenever someone borrows the machine.

  7. A request was made to consider buying a rotovator, but it was decided that a heavy duty one would simply be too expensive and probably not the best of ways of dealing with weedy, abandoned plots or the perimeter.

  8. A complaint was received from one of the horse people over the bonfires and smoke, scaring the horses, but it has already been verified with other authorities that plot holders are quite within their rights to have fires and they should be allowed, but common sense does apply and they should be supervised at all times.

  9. Various information has become available on protective nettings and horticultural fleeces which many plot holders are interested in. It is suggested that people buy through the N.S.A.L.G. as member discounts will apply and the allotments as a group could possibly buy in bulk in the spring. This sort of bulk buying, storage and distribution between the plot holders would make an ideal use for the communal shed when it is re-built.

  10. People are complaining of a problem with clover on the site, but it was jokingly pointed out that they could actually be saving money on buying clover seed as it is sold to produce green manure! The advice was to simply dig it in while making sure that other weeds aren’t in it.

  11. A request was made if chickens are allowed and Colin will investigate the problems and pitfalls before it is re-evaluated.
    The big tractor “Stone bucket,” will only be there periodically due to the farmers commitments.
    More recipes will be added to the website.

  12. The painters advert is to be removed as he can’t be contacted over the renewal and the committee would like to find some more advertisers.

The next meeting will be on the 16th January 2013.

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