Hixon Allotments Association

Wellington Fields Hixon Allotment
Chairmanís Annual Report August 2013.


In its planning and inception in May 2011 the Allotments at Egg Lane has been a very successful project for the community of Hixon. Thanks are particularly due to the Parish Council for bringing the proposal successfully through each stage, the Martin Family as land owners and also the allotments committee lead by Chairman Orson Blewitt.

The Site
The site consists of 63 quarter plots of 15 metres by 5 metres and there are currently 40 plot holders with a small waiting list of 6 people. The annual rent is £32 for each quarter plot payable in February. There is ample parking space for cars, lockable security gates, a water supply in the form of stand pipes for buckets and new communal compost bins in the parking area. 

The 2013 AGM was held on 3rd July and the minutes of this meeting are posted on the Website. (See Link)

At the AGM chairman Orson Blewitt and Secretary Dave Jones stood down from office and were thanked for their excellent hard work and effort for the association.
The committee now consists of Colin Hutchinson as Chairman, Karen Appleton as Secretary and also continuing as Treasurer, Alan Hartley as Web Site Manager, Joy Ashford, Wendy Field, Chris Hall, Michelle Crease-Ellin, Rose Jones, Jason Johns and Nigel Baxter. The committee meet at The Bank House on a needs basis and in 2012/13 met every two months. The minutes of meetings are posted on the Website.

The Audited accounts for the year ending 30th April 2013 are attached to this Report and also on the Website. The current balance is approximately a healthy £1250.

The Access
The site access is in a poor state due mainly to its steep gradient and the construction of loose limestone fill. It is the cause of several accidents and in one case a reported personal injury. It is not suitable for wheelchair use. The responsibility for the access and Building on site lies principally with the Parish Council. The Committee is urging the earliest reconstruction of the access in a suitable material.

The Derelict Building
The building has some historic significance as part of the former wartime RAF hospital site. Its presence has been the subject of many discussions and is presently being considered as part of a Planning application by the Parish Council to the Borough Council. It is proposed to refurbish the building to be used as an amenity for Hixon Allotments. The Application also includes the proposal to improve the access surfacing.

Keeping an allotment is hard work but most worth while in providing a good supply of fresh vegetables and is the source of a great deal of satisfaction. The 2013 season, although late in starting due to the cold weather, is now proving to be a bumper year. There is a wide range of experience and skills amongst plot holders but most impressive is the mutual encouragement and new friendships formed found on the site. As a community project The Wellington Fields Allotments is no doubt a major success for the village. Long may this continue.

Colin Hutchinson Chairman.