Hixon Allotments Association

Wellington Fields Hixon Allotment Association Annual Report


  • Chairman – Orson Blewitt
  • Secretary - Dave Jones  
  • Treasurer  - Karen Appleton
  •  Alan Hartley (manages the Website), Joy Ashford (fundraising), Wendy Field, Colin Hutchinson, Chris Hall and Michelle Ellin. 
  • The committee meets @ every 2 months to conduct the affairs of the Association with minutes being posted on the website for all to view.
  • There have been 2 resignations from the committee during the past 12 months – Anita Howard and Linda Craen, who are to be thanked for their hard work whilst serving as committee members.
  • It was decided at the formation of the committee that there would be 10 members so 2 vacancies existed prior to the AGM held on 29th May 2012.
  • At the meeting there was one nomination which was proposed and seconded (Michelle Ellin). As there were no further nominations the committee will continue in this format with 9 members and 1 vacancy.
  • The committee was re-elected en-bloc for the year 2012/2013, at the AGM.
  • ELECTION OF COMMITTEE MEMBERS – The association is an affiliated member of NSALG (National Association of Allotment Gardeners) and election of committee members was in line with their advice and guidance.

AGM - Monday 29th May 2012

  • The AGM was held at 8pm on the above date.
  • This was the associations 1st AGM since its formation and the EGM held on 9th June 2011.
  • Minutes of the meeting can be viewed on “THE WELLINGTON FIELDS HIXON ALLOTMENT ASSOCIATION WEBSITE”.


  • The Association is in a healthy state of solvency with the bank balance in credit to the sum of £1304.24 for the financial year end 2012. The accounts have been independently audited, many thanks to Karen Appleton for her hard work over the past 12 months.
  • This includes the significant contribution of a donation received from Air & Ground Aviation of £712.75. Many thanks to Joy Ashford for her part in this fundraising effort.
  • A further £100 was raised from website advertising.
  • The rent for the year 2012/2013 has been increased in accordance with the agreement in place between Hixon Parish Council (HPC) and the Association. The increase is in line with the Retail Price Index and at the rate of 3.6% for this financial year.
  • The good news for association members is that the committee has decided not to increase the rent for individual members over the same period.
  • Water rates - John Martin provided a reading of 128 units @ £1.20 per cubic metre = £ 153.60. The cost of providing the past years water on site has been met out of Association funds. This process is reviewable and may not apply to the coming years water supply. It will be dependent on the costs involved and the funds available to the committee. It is therefore strongly advised that all Association members seek to conserve water use where possible.

·                                Whilst on the subject of water and though it may seem a while off – the water will be switched off for the winter period. When this is done a notice will be placed inside the notice board. Last winter it was discovered that it had been switched back on. Fortunately the weather at the time was quite mild, so the risk of a burst pipe was minimised. When it is turned on again in the spring a notice will also be displayed.

Waiting List

·        There are currently 41 association members (plot holders). Five members have resigned their plots over the past 12 months.

·        A waiting list is maintained by the Secretary Dave Jones and updates posted on the site notice board.

·        It is essential that members update the secretary with any changes to contact names / numbers / email addresses etc. In order that records are kept up to date and relevant.

·        A big thank you goes out to Dave for all his efforts over the past 12 months. The secretary’s role is a thankless task but involves a lot of work so thanks again to Dave.


·        This is unfortunately a perennial battleground, but it is timely to remind all members of the need to keep their plots as weed-free as possible.

·        Advice on this subject can be found on the NSALG website, however, please remember that we operate an organic site so the use of weed killers or the like is not permitted.

·        Disposal of weeds is each members responsibility. They are not to be thrown into the hedgerow at the bottom of the site. Notices have been erected to reflect this.


·        The committee is in the process of purchasing more robust “No Dogs Allowed” signs to replace the previous laminated signs. Thanks to Chris Hall for his efforts.


·        The Association had a stall at the recent Jubilee celebration held on the Millennium Green in Hixon. The stall was supervised by Alan Hartley and Colin Hutchinson. A total of £70.65 was raised towards association funds. Many thanks are extended to Alan and Colin for their hard work and to all those who contributed seeds, plants, books etc.

Site Maintenance

·        HPC are responsible for much of the general site maintenance. A schedule of works that the committee feels needs to be undertaken, will be presented to the Council at their meeting on the 19th June 2012.

·                                Maintenance to be discussed will include paths, fencing, site entrances etc.

Derelict Building

·                                 At our recent AGM Susan McKeown presented options for restoration of the derelict building at the bottom of the site. The options were voted on and one option selected. The committee will liaise with HPC in the coming months and assist where possible to further the restoration of the building.

·                                This building will be invaluable on site for storage/shelter, so the sooner work can start the better for all.


  • The committee will continue to work hard on behalf of all the Association members over the coming year, but please remember we can only achieve so much without your cooperation and support for our efforts.
  • A big thank you to all members who have served on the committee over the past year and please remember there is still a vacancy on the committee for anyone who is interested.
  • Representatives of the committee meet with HPC on the 19th June 2012, to deliver this Annual Report on the past years management of the site.
  • This report will be available for all to read on our website.

All that remains is for me to wish you all success and enjoyment on your plots over the next year.

Orson Blewitt